Thanks for visiting is a compact guide of natural cure, remedies and beauty care. Here you can find ideas and tips for your green, sustainable and holistic wellness journey.

Clear, understandable and simple is the motto of the site.
In my tips I am naming a very short list of ingredients/actions that are available, inexpensive and doable. This will guide you into deep wellness ecology thus deeper luxury that favors true simplicity and comfortable minimalism.

I wanted to share what I know from over a decade educating myself and practicing nature based healing methods, cosmetics and plant based nutrition. I also want to promote healthy living with less eco impact.

This site displays my views, observations and experience. This is not a medical advice place, and you should always accept total responsibility for your own health.

My wish for you is to obtain holistic, green, eco conscious health and wellbeing and enjoy all the miracles life has to offer.

Keep the planet green

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